A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
- Macbeth Act V, Scene 5

I’ve travelled for most of my life and generally kept a diary. This blog is intended as an online archive of those handwritten scrawls. In putting it together, I realise that it has been a generally curious, occasionally idiotic and angry, yet rarely boring journey through life.

they tried to persuade me not to cross
the curious hills; finally shrugging
called me foolish, stubborn
that’s how it is, I said, I’m going
where my pig is headed

You may well have read some of these posts on my main site Jakartass, but the content on here is more personal than what I share there: not only was I exploring the world, but I was also exploring myself.

Each diary entry can be read in the order I wrote them. They’re arranged by year, category and tag, so navigation will, I hope, be relatively easy, especially if you remember that ‘older posts’ at the bottom of the page will take you to the next instalment from a later date.

I hope you enjoy reading about my many travels and if they inspire you to set out to explore the world, then I wish you Happy Travels.

(NB. Remember to keep a diary because you’ll need reminders of what you’ve learned en route.)

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