A High Building In Singapore

It’s a high building in Singapore that holds the only beauty for this San Francisco day where I am walking down the street, feeling terrible and watching my mind function with the efficiency of a liquid pencil.

A young mother passes by talking to her little girl who is really too small to be able to talk, but she’s talking anyway and very excitedly to her mother about something. I can’t quite make out what she is saying because she’s so little.

I mean, this is a tiny kid.

Then her mother answers her to explode my day with a goofy illumination. “It was a high building in Singapore,” she says to the little girl who enthusiastically replies like a bright sound-coloured penny.

“Yes, it was a high building in Singapore!”
fr. Revenge of the Lawn by Richard Brautigan

I’m walking down a street in Singapore thinking about Jakarta.

I wish I was in San Francisco.


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