Bus Stops – Now & Then

… the local minivans can be a bit hair raising. You can flag them down at any point, but the driver tends to keep the bus in motion whilst you attempt to jump on or off, even with a baby!
Sue Dobb in Jakarta 2011

In what other great city but Djakarta may the traveller form his own bus stop? No matter where he stands at the roadside, no matter when he raises his hand, he’s a bus stop.

This may be due in part to the fact that Indonesians are reluctant to say “no” to anyone, even to an endless succession of would be passengers raising their hands. How can drivers maintain their schedules when they’re prepared to jam on their brakes every hundred yards or so? It’s human, it’s considerate, but it is also confusion.
Ivan SouthallIndonesia Face To Face (pub. 1964)

I’m inclined to think that because drivers are not paid a salary, they need every passenger to help pay for the day’s rental, fuel, ‘protection money’ etc. before they start earning for their family needs.

Read about ‘proper’ bus stops here.

They who wait and stay at the bus stop make the bus stop exist, not the other way round.

Only the TransJakarta bus stops exist to make the buses stop.

I have seen … a woman who was forced to rent an umbrella when the rain came, although she was actually standing at the bus stop.

The existence of transactions at the bus stop indeed starts from a certain need, whether it is the need to survive or simply because there is a craving to munch.

View this gallery of international bus stops, some of which could make you smile.

The Hollies sing Bus Stop (1967)


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