Sunday 19th March 1995
Yulia and Ne’s Homestay (Rp.15,000 inc. all meals)

This is the last lap of our holiday together. I’m here and Sam is overnighting in Manado so he can ring his mother and sort out visas and stuff for the Philippines.

What a glorious sunset. This place is right on the beach and it’s a five minute swim out to the drop off. Today I saw wrasse, a sea snake and black spiny sea urchins. Although the days are very hot, this is the paradise to chill out in.

Actually, Bunaken is not the same as five years ago. Rusli and Adida don’t run a homestay anymore – he’s got a glass-bottomed boat – and the beach at Liang is lined with a row of ‘homestay huts’, fronting the village. But few tourists are around, and Yulai and Ne’s is all by itself in a secluded cove and inaccessible at high tide except by boat.

Ah, lobster for supper!
And lunch.
And supper and lunch again?

Friday 24th Manado
Strange that the weather this time seems to have mirrored that of last time. The best sunset was the first evening. It then turned cold, the water turned murky but the fish were still pretty.

T-shirt: Bunaken
———A Paradise

All in all, a very relaxing five days, notable for Micky the friendly cat, for getting lost again on the inland paths and for the gunge swept over from Manado during the windy and rainy night. Ne commented that the people of Bunaken don’t throw plastic around.

That’s it. Tonight we’ll play some pool, have a meal and I a few beers. Tomorrow, Jakarta and work, while Sam leaves the next day for the Philippines.

Apart from a few days in May/June when he passes through Jakarta en route for India, Nepal, and university, our travels together are over. We’ve been there, done this and seen that.

Now he leaves the nest and we all get on with our lives and go wherever our paths may lead.

Some time, some place, we’ll rendezvous.

Happy Travels ’til then.
Footnote: Our very last sunset over the wide panorama of Manado Bay was by far the best we witnessed over the weeks.

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