Sulawesi 3 – Poso/Tentana

13.1.91 (a week later – as above)

We reached Tentana in a much more ‘leisurely’ and pleasurable fashion by catching the next day’s early morning ferry across the lake. Tentana was to be the start of a three day trek through the Lore Lindu National Park – but wasn’t.

We met a little man, 50-ish, who in excellent, possibly whisky induced, English escorted us to a deserted ‘homestay’. This consisted of a large number of well-designed, coconut leaf thatched buildings next to an airstrip and caves.

We presumed the complex had been built for the Lake Poso Festival which usually takes place in the last week of August (but in October 2013). That the site was next to the Dutch-administered Theological College was maybe an indication that Christian charity was at work. Even the Coca Cola was free “until January 14th”.

Feeling discombobulated, we stayed the night in the losmen organised by the village co-operative unit and ate substantially in the rumah makam down the road. A small town, Tetana obviously had a tourist season evidenced by the two half star hotels. Sam was able to indulge himself with a range of video games while we waited for our bus to Poso.

We chose to stay at the Hotel Kalimantan, a Muslim establishment opposite the mosque, because the Lonely Planet guide recommended it. Our intial thoughts were to stay one night, bus to Palu the next day and then to fly to Manado. We bought bus tickets, but then in “Dr. Livingstone, I presume” mode met two Dutch travellers en route to the Togian Islands. Sam decided that his wrist bands would probably work, although not yet tested at sea, so we changed our minds and decided to join them.

Somewhere along the line we met Amir, a bumptious little civil servant whose self-perceived, if not appointed, task was to shepherd every tourist through the area to every conceivable site. we went with him to a beach and a village, Matoke (?), where the government was laying on a development programme with appropriate bunting and loud music. We snorkelled, frisbee’d and tried to avoid Amir who was quite disappointed to discover that we’d already booked a cabin on the S,V. Anti Sari departing that evening.
Pics taken by Allan in ’97.


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