Samosir 3

Tuk Tuk Timbul
Saturday 23.9.89

My last full day on Samosir. I’ve wound down and made some magic (mushroomed) encounters with people and food, with the ever changing view from my balcony a constant. Clouds, rain and ripples. And the crater rim remains whilst its bulk flattens and moulds with the coming and going of night.

In front of me, an eagle soars yet menacing in its black silhouette. Later, lower, I see it has a rich brown plumage with black and white stripe ailerons. And a yellow-breasted nectar sipper hovers around the red tubular blossoms on the bush at the the path’s edge. One day a fish, silvery-large, splashed the surface unnoticed by the solitary fishermen in their dugouts with a single paddle drifting by.

And then the ferries, black exhaust trailing above their rear wake, come droning past on their way to Parapet, my ‘mainland’ destination tomorrow.


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