Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Sunday 26th August 1985
Sunil Bhatia Rest House

Sent home a parcel containing my sleeping bag, an assortment of clothes, my Zanskar guide book, a Tibet bags and papier-mâché masks – a calculated risk, but I’ll travel lighter. (It never reached home.)

Have purchased a lightweight blanket in place of the sleeping bag and had a pair of trousers made to match my blue shirt so I can be both cool and respectable: cost 25/- for material and 10/- for the tailor.

I’ve also treated myself to an embroidered Rajasthan waistcoat (60/-), an expensive and indulgent pause, but just for once I’m treating myself as a good patient should be treated.

I’ve also noted that that my wart – on my knee or knuckle? I forget – seems to be shrinking: more wishful thinking?

Notes on Jaisalmer
– Good cheap (15/-) hotel, reasonable eating at Rama and 8 July restaurants.

– The old palace, empty for 50 years, would make a fantastic hotel; perhaps it needs government grant.

– Townspeople are the friendliest, least hassle-y, yet encountered. Is it the presence of travellers and the lack of package tourists that’s lead to this non-pressure? Or is it the regional flavour of a desert environment?

Perhaps it’s also because Jaisalmer is a very small car-free town, though the bikes, occasionally motorised, are a nuisance.


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