Kerala 1

Dwakara Lodge, Kovalum Beach
Sunday 2nd September

I thought R & R meant Rest and Recreation. I have since discovered that it’s an old army term meaning Rest and Recuperation. So I am here for some much needed R & R.

This is India so any attempt to totally switch off and indulge in self-contemplation or whatever is necessary for the restoration of an equilibrium that has been disturbed by constant contacts and disruptions is not going to be completely easy.

Since I sat down to write the above I have been visited at my window by four girls offering bananas, pineapples, papayas, peanuts and coconuts, a seller of beach mats, a lad offering to do my laundry, and Srikumar who has offered to cook me a meal of tuna. I have accepted his invitation and my writing table now has a coconut, pineapple and finger-sized bananas to go with my other ephemera.

The view from my window is of the Indian Ocean which is interrupted by the palm tree giving shade from the sun which shines from a cloudless blue sky. There is a rocky headland against which the waves, which have built up gently on the journey from Arabian and East African shores, splash their spray and spume.

The beach, part golden and part volcanic grey sand which, of course, gets everywhere, is littered with palm fronds and grossly overweight German tourists who spend upwards of 300 rupees a day to indulge in the same scenery that costs me only ten.


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