Ladakh 4

Tak Guest House
Monday 17th June 9.30 – awaiting breakfast.

Strange waking lethargy, induced perhaps by disturbed sleep. The end of Ramadhan approaches so there’s loud singing in the mosque at ungodly hours, ungodly, that is, to non-believers. The town’s dogs bark in chorus as at 4am the town knocker-upper comes crashing by with loud bangings and cries of “Jullay, jullay“.

The disturbed sleep continues until the transistors are switched on and tuned into Radio India’s local station broadcasting Ladakhi music.* This almost drowns out the overhead flypast of India’s mighty air force.

Oh, and Pete the Dutchman set out on his trek earlyish.

So I’m breathless, hungry and feeling washed out.
* Watch and listen to Radio Leh here.
This track,Ston gyi lu‘ (Autumn) has lingered long in my memory.

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