Ladakh 5a

Tak Guest House
Sunday June 23rd 9.30am

I’m reading Travels With Fortune by Christina Dodwell, which serves to remind me that independent travelling is about meeting and inter-acting with people, about new experiences and stretching oneself.

Travelling is intensely personal. It magnifies incidents, large events and smaller happenings, so that threy become of major significance. This is particularly so with a language barrier to contend with when coupled the systems and traditions of a simple transaction such as posting a letter. A sense of humour, tact and determination, if not stamina, is vital.

I am being seduced by Leh because life here is becoming easy. My innate puritanism is giving me a guilt complex because I ‘do’ very little, although a little voice is telling me to relax because I’ve ‘earned’ this holiday cum rest..

I’ve written and sent off several missives to various loved ones, which could serve as pages of this diary if I can ever retrieve them. I’d like to because I’m beginning to forget what it is I’m experiencing.

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