Ladakh 7

Tak Guest House, Leh
Notes: 26th June – 5th July

Wed. 26th
I saw two donkeys fighting today, viciously, unaware of passing people, trucks. It was a serious fight. John was talking to a friend, a tall blond. He was on the other side of the street from the donkeys. He was unaware of passing people, trucks, donkeys. It was a serious conversation. All around, a crowd gathered, watched. It was a serious crowd.

Thu. 27th
A day at the Hemis Festival.
(This video is much as I remember it.)

Sat. 29th 11.30am.
Severe case of the trots. Was it something I ate?

I’m listening to a borrowed cassette, William Ackerman’s Passage, lent by Barbara, a fellow Pat Metheny aficionado. Acoustic guitar on Wyndham Hill label which I’ve noted before is worthy of further investigation, much like ECM.

July 3rd
Day of trots – spent in bed – near loo.
Could it be the intestinal cyst known as Giardia Lamblia?
Vast amount of wind, cramps which result in impressive farts, but no sulphurous burps.

July 4th
A quiet day at the office!

July 5th
Wrong! It’s an impossible place for private musings as we’ve created a good social ambiance for travellers, with a book exchange already functioning. The notice board has yet to go up and coffee-tea making facilities are not yet in operation.

Still, lots of interesting people are calling by.
Reading: Recent Research on Ladakh: an Introductory Survey (pub. 1998) by John Bray, now a key figure in the International Association for Ladakh Studies (IALS)

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