Bali Hi (5)

Wed. 9.8.88 Bangli

Bangli is a very quiet town!

We’re awaiting lunch ~ Sam’s first nasi goreng.

Artha Sastra Inn (Rp.9.000) is a truly delightful place, an old palace residence run by really friendly people. We’re in the inner courtyard area with a view of intricate carvings, especially the tall doors with reliefs highlighted in gold.

The journey here was by bemo, a people carrier overcrowded with market goers, school children, plastic artifact sellers and a radiant young couple dressed in traditional garb.

It’s nice to escape the droves of beach seeking young travelers and souvenir sellers. A German couple opposite “are only interested in culture” so maybe we’re going to experience a deeper reality rather than surface pretensions. It’s possible we’ll attend a cremation tonight or tomorrow, and I hesitate to be part of a package of Pentax flashing bystanders.

(We didn’t go, but I can’t recall why.)


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